Optimize your business processes with Salesforce automation

Go with the Flow

Business processes are often limited by the capabilities of the tools that are supporting these processes. Replacing legacy tools with state of the art Salesforce automation capabilities proves that many steps in the process have become redundant.



Balanced Force utilizes the standard Salesforce tools to maximize process automation and minimize end user tasks for our customers. Standardization and automation of business processes improves quality for the end-customer and reduces handling cost. Elimination of repetitive tasks also leads to happy work force because nobody likes to do data entry, copy – paste and save in the correct file folder all day.

Not just CRM

Salesforce is the leading cloud marketplace with thousands of ready to install apps built to optimize your everyday business processes. With Salesforce tools like Flows, Reporting, Dashboarding and Integration Tools you can tailor these  processes further to achieve your optimal way of working. Balanced Force helps our customers with that journey.

In addition, Salesforce is a cloud platform so your business process is now available anywhere, on any device!


Webshop, supplier portal, invoice approval, document management, order fulfilment and many other essential concepts and business processes that help you do business better.

Use Salesforce tools for integrations & optimizations

Balanced Force has a lot of experience in building various integrations both on and off-platform. These integrations are always critical for our customers, that is why we rely on state of the art Salesforce solutions to develop and implement solid integrations for our customers. With the out of the box salesforce tools like Flows.