Balanced Force provides, supports and deploys Cloud-based ERP and additional apps to customers in the segments; manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, projects and services. The unique features of the latest generation of solutions offer clients of Balanced Force more value at lower cost over the entire life cycle. Combining state of the art technology, the latest software concepts, project management and years of experience with ERP implementations in this market, Balanced Force represents a solid partner for now and in the future.

Balanced Force is an amalgamation of ERP veterans and the latest technologies and methodologies.

Balanced Force was initiated in the knowledge that the technology used in the 80’s for business software is replaced by technology today, focusing on current and future opportunities. Modern technology doesn’t mean simply applying another layer on top of antiquated technology, but new development of enterprise software on the latest platforms.

Besides technological innovation, the software concept is also completely redeveloped. Traditional ERP systems are mainly business-driven and based on financial principles. The modern solution is much more based on CRM (sales) and order fulfilment.


We are living in a new era. Balanced Force focuses on the implementation of state of the art business software developed for and targeted at this new era.

The people of Balanced Force are able to do this through years of experience with the existing standard ERP software and business processes. Balanced Force derives from an advisory group, an independent consulting company at the interface between IT and business. The group supports its customers with the choice of business software, executes the actual implementations and accompanies the required organisational and process changes. It was those 30 years of experience with existing ERP environments that offered the insight that a new era is dawning.