Newly developed Cloud-based business software for manufacturing and trading companies. Rootstock was developed (native) on the Salesforce platform. Alongside its functional strength, Rootstock offers all the benefits of the integration with the powerful platform. A platform that today enables companies to make effective use of all available technology and thus allow the business to grow.

Rootstock is an SaaS – ‘On Demand’ ERP solution for companies of any size. Current Rootstock customers already vary from a few users to multinational corporations with hundreds of users per customer.

A large number of production models is supported. It includes modules such as Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Production Engineering, Inventory Control, Lot and Serial Control, Material Requirements Planning, Scheduling and Capacity Planning, Shop Floor Control, Manufacturing Cost Control (either standard costing or actual costing), Project Control and PLM integration. It also fully supports Multi Company, Multi Division, and Multi Site enterprise. For financial functions Rootstock comes with a very comprehensive Financial Exchange module, so it can be integrated with many financial packages or integrated directly with Financial Force on the Salesforce platform.

The Rootstock solution is enhanced by features that only a true Cloud solution can offer. It makes “real-time management” of the production, distribution and supply chain actions possible. Anytime, anywhere and fully scalable.

Rootstock is built for the Cloud. By using the Salesforce tools and environment, Rootstock ERP (as one of the few) knows the characteristics of a true Cloud app. An SaaS product, multi-tenant architecture just like google apps and Netflix.

Updates are taking place at the same time for all users of the platform, avoiding high investments in IT. The software can be easily adapted to the characteristics of the client and follows the changes in the world and technology, making costly upgrades a thing of the past.

Application modules