Roootstock ERP implementation

Rootstock’s implementation process usually has a “hybrid character”. A mix of the more traditional approach, known as the “waterfall method” and the more modern “agile method”. The hybrid apprach has everything to do with the character of ERP. The processes to be supported are partly clear and more or less fixed and partly ERP can be set up according to your own visions and ideas. When we look at the domain “Finance”, for example, many procedures are prescribed (invoicing, VAT, valuations, debits, audits, etc.). Many Finance processes leave little room for free ideas, except for the subject of automation / digitization. The domain “Finance” is therefore more suitable to be implemented from a waterfall method. Although the approach (workshops) is much more practical than in the old days. Other ERP processes, for example communication about production / deliveries / ready reports or demand forecasts, are much more suitable for an agile approach.
Especially when developing additional apps that contribute to improving processes.
A Rootstock implementation plan therefore has activities, plotted over time, but within those activities work packages, and also sprints, can occur.


The successful implementation of enterprise software such as ERP requires more than just the provision of software settings, performing data migrations and instructing employees. Balanced Force recognises, inter alia, the importance of the cultural aspects of organisations in the project and integrates this dimension in the project.

The project plan for Cloud based ERP can have a “Full Scope” character, but can also be aimed at predefined aspects of an implementation.

With “Full Scope”, extensive analysis takes place prior to the actual implementation, made in regard to the organisation, its strategies, structures, processes, existing resources and existing culture. The results of the analysis determine the next steps and the design of the project.

Business Consultancy

Depending on the customer and his needs, business consultancy can focus on strategic business issues, organisational components, functional processes, resources to be applied, desired changes and the consistency between these subjects. Balanced Force can deploy the right expertise in each of these areas.

Project Management

To Balanced Force, project management does mean managing the project. The applied project management methodology must be consistent with the nature of the client. For example, a total Prince2 method, or parts of this method may be chosen or an agile approach. The same applies to the design of the project (pmt, project groups etc.) or Scrum teams.

It is important that all aspects throughout the project (time, money, risk, quality, communication, commitment) are clearly visible, allowing for timely course corrections. Balanced Force takes into account a good fit between the intended project manager and the client.

Application Consultancy

The application consultant has the right detailed knowledge about the software and its operation. In close cooperation with the business consultant, the system is set up the way you want, and users trained. The training takes place partly in class rooms and partly “hands-on”. A practice area is always available and can be easily accessed via smartphone or tablet.

During the follow-up phase (shortly after going live), the application consultants also remain involved.

Technical Consultancy

Data migrations, integrations, reports, etc. fall under the heading of technical consultancy. Balanced Force itself has Technical experts at its disposal, and there is close collaboration with experts from the developers as Rootstock.

Prior to the start of a project, a technical project plan is already prepared to allow sufficient time for things like developing the necessary integrations.

Change Management

Many organisations recognise that to achieve all the set objectives, changes must take place in parallel with the implementation of new software. Balanced Force, arising out of management consulting agency B4B Group, has extensive experience in managing change in organisations. Balanced Force can offer the customer a professional support in these processes, with the use of specially developed methods.