From a customer perspective

Align production capacity with customer milestone

We love doing projects, we engineer, we manufacture, we build, we find solutions and we strive to exceed customer expectations. Rule number one for customer satisfaction in our business is on time delivery. We supply industrial solutions that are an essential part of our customers core business process. If we do not supply within the agreed timeframe, our customers business process stands still.

Our challenges always occurred towards the end of production. Common bottlenecks for us were components not arriving in time and workorders exceeding expected production time. That is why we implemented this Gantt planning tool on top of our ERP system. The visualization of (possible) clashes now enables us to intervene before we reach our customers deadline and helps us to ensure we deliver on time, as promised.

Project control

Our projects are commitments to our customer, this already starts in the pre-sales phase. We plan our purchases, the manufacturing, transport and on-site installation in detail, based on the customer deadlines. As soon as the customers signature is on the sales order the project starts. We check our inventory, create purchase orders and work orders and get the project done. During the entire project dashboards and reports help us to keep track of actuals versus budgets to ensure we do not exceed the forecasted project budget.

No Pressure

Today, the planned activities for the project are linked to purchase orders and work orders so in the Gantt chart you can see exactly which activities are at risk of becoming overdue based on real time production data. We also use the tool to track progress and visualize our sales order so we can see exactly when we can send out our installments to the customer.


Gantt on Rootstock

Our project Gantt chart visualizes the actual progress of the project based on Rootstock data. The visualization of the execution of our order enables us to take mitigating actions on time, ensuring we fulfill our commitment to our customers.