Looking for faster, easier and efficient inventory management and workorder processing? You no longer need a warehouse management system to control all of your warehouse’s activities, improved order fulfilment and inventory accuracy.

Your shopfloor and office on a single platform

Salesforce & Rootstock ERP offers real time warehouse management in one cloud solution for your shopfloor and office. In this series we showcase how we create flexible, easy, creative, smart and dynamic warehouse processes for our customers.

Scan, take a picture and print on the spot

On the shopfloor the stickers are printed directly from the platform to a cloud printer and you can upload a picture of documents and damage directly from your scanner or any other device. The pick lists, for production and for shipping, are optimized to reduce picking time and to create sensible packaging, e.g. heavy products first and breakable items go on top. We optimize improve and adapt your warehouse and production processes by using the edge technology Salesforce & Rootstock ERP provide to create more customer value.

In this series we will discover;

Flexible location transfer

Space is a big challenge in many warehouses, especially when a big shipment comes in. So inventory items (SKU’s) are moved around and the challenge is to keep track of the current location of each item.

Easy goods receipt

Processing goods receipt can be a lot of work, finding the order, checking quantities and quality, processing documents, printing labels and stickering the items (SKU’s).

Creative work order

Never run out of components for your workorder, print your finished product barcode / QR code and documents from your handheld and complete your workorder by scanning your employee pass.

Smart Sales order & shipment

Your digital sales order picklist is created in a sensible packaging order, e.g. heavy products first and breakable items go on top. Enter weight and dimensions on your handheld and directly print the transport documents for your carrier.

Dynamic Cycle count

Making sure your inventory holds exactly what your system claims made as easy as ABC with mobile cycle count. Wall to wall, per location, per ABC class, per whatever you decide in simultaneous batches without closing down the warehouse.

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