One of the challenges of doing your business in Europe and/or global is complying with all the taxation rules that apply to your business transactions. Do you apply zero VAT, local VAT of the country you are selling to? How do you report the reverse charge on sales or purchases? Is a local VAT listing required and what are reporting requirements? Balanced Force developed a reporting tool that helps you overcome the challenge of international VAT reporting requirements.

Know your worth. Then add Tax.

Companies with international offices often require multiple VAT numbers per legal entity. Periodically reporting based on the VAT transaction for each number to the local government, in a local format is required. With the European VAT reporting solution you can predefine the required formats for each VAT number and report periodically based on the VAT transactions that are in the system. With the reports, complying with all  sales and purchase taxation rules, can be reduced to the push of a button.

Optimize after go live

Balanced Force strives to reduce handling cost and maximize user experience for Salesforce and Rootstock customers. We use our expertise in the capabilities of these solutions and our long experience in ERP implementations and continuous business process improvement to create more customer value.