Project Industries and Project Manufacturers have been discovering the capabilities of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce platform in recent years. Balanced Force blends many years of experience in these markets and in Salesforce implementations is the go-to partner for the execution of projects on the platform. In our previous article we shared the topics our customers struggle most with, in this series of articles we dive in to each of these topic.

Supply chain flexibility

Can you anticipate changes in customer demand? Are your business processes agile? Can your systems adapt? There are many definitions of supply chain flexibility but these questions cover most of our customers challenge when it comes to this topic. In many organizations structures and procedures that have been set are not easily changed. In the supporting systems setup choices once made are not easily adjusted.

Change, business as usual

Many of our customers started as a manufacturer then added a service department, started outsourcing parts of their production, started producing auxiliary products and became a very complex mix of operations inside one factory.

A few examples of changes our customers are dealing with;

  • shifting from manufacturing to outsourcing
  • own inventory to vendor owned inventory
  • opening and closing warehouses and pop-up stores
  • the logistics behind the introduction of a webstore
  • introductions of new product lines

These changes have to be implemented on a daily basis in an already complex environment.

Platform systems are flexible by design

On a software platform, business processes are built with standard tools and software-components, this makes implemented processes easier to change. This flexibility in the supporting systems enables more agile business processes for our customers. More agile business process provide the ability to anticipate changes in customer demand.

Out of the box, the solution supports the business processes for Project Industries and Project Manufacturers, including the supply chain, web shops, portals for vendors and customers, etc. With standard salesforce tools we automate and adjust these processes on demand for our “live” customers to support various business process changes.



Optimize after go live

We optimize, improve and adapt solutions after go-live, based on our knowledge of, and experience with ERP implementations and systems, as well as business process improvements. We help our customers to reduce handling costs and maximize the usability of systems to enable them to create more customer value.