Project Industries and Project Manufacturers have been discovering the capabilities of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce platform in recent years. Blending many years of experience in these markets and in Salesforce implementations, Balanced Force is the go-to partner for the execution of projects on the platform.

In our previous article we shared the topics our customers struggle most with, in this series of articles we dive in to each of these topics.

Financial project management

Welcome to the world of Budgets, Actuals, Estimates, Percentage of completion, (milestone-) billing, Taxes and many more exiting financial aspects of your project.

Finance complain;
“Operations must provide more detail about the costs made while executing the project.”

Operational project management

Welcome to the world of Lead times, Capacity planning, Routing¸ Quality Control, Lot & Serialized, License Plating, subcontracted operations, transport, on site assembly, turnkey and many more exiting operational aspects of your project.

Operations says;
“Cost accounting processes are inadequate, not user friendly and don’t provide the right information to help me run the project.”

Integrated solution

These classic opposing viewpoints originate from a time when operational project was on the shopfloor and financial project management was in the office. Both having their own software solution, one for finance and a separate one for project management. The project management solutions traditionally were adjusted in places to accommodate financial requirements.

Modern, truly integrated solutions provide a joined perspective of the project, both from the financial and the operational perspective. They were created, based on an integrated business process, resulting in a far more user friendly solution were financial and operational project management work together as one.

Interested in practical examples? Read eg. our item on how we integrate Gantt charts into Rootstock.


Optimize after go live

We optimize, improve and adapt solutions after go-live, based on our knowledge of, and experience with ERP implementations and systems, as well as business process improvements. We help our customers to reduce handling costs and maximize the usability of systems to enable them to create more customer value.