Project Industries and Project Manufacturers have been discovering the capabilities of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce platform in recent years. Blending many years of experience in these markets and in Salesforce implementations, Balanced Force is the go-to partner for the execution of projects on the platform.

In our previous article we shared the topics our customers struggle most with, in this series of articles we dive in to each of these topics.

low production volume vs ROI in cash

One has to invest before one can reap the profits, especially when you are in project manufacturing.

A typical cash flow chart for these projects shows a negative cash flow in the first phase. Then installments or pre-payment invoices are paid by customer, levelling the cash flow more or less. Only when the project is completed and the final payment is received a positive return on investment is made in cash.

Cash is King

In many organizations business processes are a bit digital, a bit manual and a bit fuzzy sometimes. Now imagine your project- or shop floor manager marking the next milestone complete on his mobile device. Backoffice immediately receives a task to invoice the customer and a few minutes later your invoice is in your customers inbox.

We help our customers build faster processes, create more accurate data and therefore improved cashflow, as invoices are sent and paid faster


Optimize after go live

We optimize, improve and adapt solutions after go-live, based on our knowledge of, and experience with ERP implementations and systems, as well as business process improvements. We help our customers to reduce handling costs and maximize the usability of systems to enable them to create more customer value.