Salesforce for Project Industries and Project Manufacturers

Have you ever completed a successful project, only to find out later that additional hours and cost were added after completion? Or has your project run into delays because of components not arriving in time and workorders exceeding expected production time?

Project Industries and Project Manufacturers have been discovering the capabilities of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce platform in recent years. Balanced Force blends many years of experience in these markets and in Salesforce implementations is the go-to partner for the execution of projects on the platform. In our previous article we shared the topics our customers struggle most with, in this series of articles we dive in to each of these topics.

Managing delays & cost

Real time information is one of the main drivers for managing delays and costs, this is were digital shopfloor transactions make all the difference today. Time entries, goods receipts, adjustments in delivery time that endanger your milestones or cause budget overrun’s all trigger immediate red flags on your production dashboard on any device. Purchase order creation and Invoice processing with multitier approval processes can be executed in minutes because the whole team is collaborating online. You can do the approvals assigned to you anywhere on your mobile phone with a swipe. The drastic reduction in response time provides real time information and allows you to take mitigating actions before the damage is done.

Customer Central

Collaboration is not limited to your factory walls anymore with a real modern cloud ERP solution. Your sales team is completely in the loop. Your customer can be informed immediately when the  order status is updated the expected delivery date is changed or a track and trace number is created.   This increases customer experience and improves your sales process.


Optimize after go live

We optimize, improve and adapt solutions after go-live, based on our knowledge of, and experience with ERP implementations and systems, as well as business process improvements. We help our customers to reduce handling costs and maximize the usability of systems to enable them to create more customer value.